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210W street light for Middle East and Africa

210W street light for Middle East and Africa


street lights use for lighting the road no matter where is cold or hot. For cold area, it is easy to select street lights because no need to worry about heat dissipation. But if the street lights will be used in the high temperature, the lights housing must have excellent heat dissipation.


DL Light, as a street light factory, the produce more than 200 models street light. One of old customers of DL Light ordered 210W street light. These lot street lights will be installed in the project in the Middle East and Africa where temperature is very high.


This 210W street light has 7 module Led chips, input power is 85-265V AC, driver is from Philips, with 5 years warranty.


210W street light- good heat dissipation


DL Light’ s staffs are producing the street light.


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